TRANSTERRA GROUP may be all about global transporting solutions, but BLACK SEA is where its heart is. The global logistics group fully owned by local interests. It has its man officeslocated in Black Sea countries and it was TTL's firm links to Black Sea economy that made it want to come on board as a sponsor of many local communities events and social initiatives.

That is, the TTL group aims to contribute to local societies by helping to further the development in many worthwhile social causes. We strive to be consistent and systematic in carrying out our social contribution activities.

We have developed our social contribution activities in order to remain thankful, and to sow the "seeds" for returning our gratitude to society.

Our corporate credo includes the provision of opportunities for the material and intellectual growth of all our employees.

Through social contribution activities undertaken over the past few years, we have been able to make many small yet happy discoveries. The smiles and laughter born out of our activities have energized and motivated many of our employees who took part, as well as our business activities.




We aim to contribute to local communities by taking advantage of our unique corporate characteristics, including our capacity to improve living environments and to offer opportunities for personal development. We take part in and support groups involved in activities of this nature.

We also undertake our own community projects across the globe, tailoring them to local cultures and customs, and earning the trust of the international community.

TTL is a foundation member of the GTI Ponteuxin Foundation, which was established by a holding management and variety business people committed to the promotion of the Black Sea ports and it’s young people.

The GTI Ponteuxin Foundation’s key role is to recognise, reward and assist extraordinary young students to achieve excellence in their chosen field and to develop leadership skills that will benefit the community in which we live.

The GTIP Foundation believes that leadership is a skill that must be nurtured and developed to assist young talented students and personnel achieve their personal goals and develop their leadership skills.

We at TTL believe this to be a fundamental obligation for local business to support our young people.