Transterra Logistics’s staff carry out their work giving environmental concerns the highest priority possible and by doing so, aspire to being "good in class" concerning all related environmental matters.

To achieve these aims the company will:
  • Seek to optimize its operations by using the latest technology and best practice to achieve operational efficiency in reducing the company's effect on the environment.
  • Comply with all international and local environmental regulations and, where laws or regulations do not exist, ensure that best practice standards are met.
  • Regularly review its policy to ensure that it is up to date and meeting its objectives in protecting the environment.
  • Train all its employees to ensure that they can be proactive and have a positive attitude to all environmental issues.
  • Provide management with the most up to date environmental training to ensure that they are fully advised of all international environmental laws and standards and can apply them in the company's business dealings
  • Engage with its customers and contractors during its business dealings to ensure that they carry out their operations in accordance with good environmental principals that meet or exceed existing legal standards. Where a customer or contractor does not have an environmental policy or is not following any environmental standard, the TTL companies' staffs are to encourage them to cooperate with its policy during its business relationship with them.



Protection of the environment is an integral part of TTL Group’s business philosophy and the companies aims to ensure that its business practices minimize, or eliminate where possible, detrimental effects on the environment.